Asturias (Leyenda) Online Classical Guitar Lesson

The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.
— Ludwig van Beethoven


Asturias - this classical guitar piece has it all! Intensity, speed, sensitivity and explosiveness are all represented here in abundance. Asturias has found its way into the repertoire of all serious classical guitarists and here I present to you a series of 3 classical guitar instructional videos with matching tabs and classical guitar sheet music. These resources will give you the ability to play this mesmerising piece from beginning to end. 

Historical Context

Asturias or Leyenda as it is also known was composed by the Spaniard Isaac Albéniz in 1892 has affirmed its place in the halls of guitar fame. Almost every guitarist on planet Earth has heard it (whether they know the name of the piece is another matter) and most classical guitarists attempt to learn at least some of it. The piece is the epitome of Spanish music. Interestingly, the piece was originally written for the piano yet it is with the guitar that it has gained the most popularity.

Compositional Aspects

Originally this piece was a minor 3rd higher than the guitar version. I suppose that if one was keen a capo could be placed on the 3rd fret and then it would sound as it did on the piano. Here are some of the cool effects that are used in Asturias:

  • Rasguedo
  • Artificial harmonics
  • Octaves
  • Pedal point

Technical Tips

  • Keep the right-hand as steady and relaxed as possible
  • Use full-planting for speed & accuracy in the A section
  • The sforzando should be emphasised during the rasguedo
  • A rubato approach is very nice during the B section & Coda

In conclusion

Don't forget to purchase the sheet music with tabs that I have available here. They are far superior to just the tabs by themselves because they contain far more details and of course my very own left & right-hand fingering indications. Also if you want to see tutorial 2 you need to become a Basic or Premium Member. 

Let your fingers fly!