Shalom Aleichem 'Peace be upon you' Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

Shalom Aleichem "Peace be upon you"
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Shalom Aleichem is a Hebrew phrase that means "Peace be upon you". When you hear this piece you will immediately notice the distinct nuances of music from the area. This particular piece was arranged and performed by the virtuoso guitarist Tony McManus from Paisley, Scotland. Interestingly, I too have performed in Paisley in 2013 as part of a music festival that was being held in the city! He did an amazing job and it took me many hours to transcribe it as a commissioned work. 

Make no mistake - this piece has a lot of wonderful guitar trickery taking place and requires a high level of skill and finesse to play well. Here's a list of some of the techniques you'll need to use:

  • slide
  • ligados
  • trills
  • harmonics

I would recommend playing this with a ponticello tone as it just seems to sound right. I'm not sure why but for me it should sound like a balalaika or something of that nature. All the best and don't forget that if you want to see the tabs too you can either purchase them here or become a member and you'll be able to see them for free along with all of my other 'member only' videos & tabs.

Let your fingers fly!