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Mauro Giuliani's 120 studies or exercises for the right hand are undoubtedly among the most recognisable and famous of all technical studies for the guitar. Mauro was a recognised virtuoso in the early part of the 19th century and his contribution to the guitar was staggering. These 120 exercises will help you to gain control over your right-hand enabling you to play a vast variety of pieces in any style.

There are only 2 chords used throughout the etudes:

Chord 1: C-major (C, E, G)
Chord 2: G7 (G, B, D, F)

The right-hand fingers used are:

P: Thumb (Pulgar)
i: index
m: middle
a: anular (ring)


1. Keep your right hand steady
2. Restrict movement to the large joints of the hand (not too much bouncing)
3. Let your fingertips flow across the strings like a paint brush
4. Don't grab at the strings
5. Try to keep your wrist straight without too much bending
6. Relax