Concentric Rings. Victoria Guitar Trio Album Review


To be honest it's been years since I've bought a classical guitar album. With the growing popularity of YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch I find myself watching AND listening to players more and more rather than merely listening to an mp3. However, a couple of weeks ago I thankfully stumbled across a new classical guitar recording from the Victoria Guitar Trio based in Victoria, Canada. I decided to purchase the album and let me tell you it was a very good decision.

The Guitarists -

  • Adrian Verdejo
  • Bradford Werner
  • Michael Dias

The Composers -

  • Jordan Nobles
  • Scott Edward Godin
  • Rodney Sharman
  • rd wraggett (according to Bradford Werner this is exactly how he prefers his name to be written)
  • Benton Roark

The Pieces -

The album is comprised of thirteen pieces with two from Nobles, seven from Godin (forming a suite called 'On Poeticos'), two from Sharman, and one each from wraggett & Roark. The album title is taken from the opening piece by Nobles and it sets the listener in a good, warm place. I won't go into too much detail as I think it best that you head on over to iTunes and listen to the sound samples to get a feel for the music from your own perspective.

Things I liked about the album

  • Top notch playing
  • Excellent recording fidelity
  • New pieces from exciting composers
  • Thirteen pieces representing great value

Things I might have changed about the album

  • Different mixing to capture the essence of each guitarist


This really is a must-have album for lovers of excellent classical guitar music. It is a pleasant departure from the done-to-death pieces from yesteryear.

Let your fingers fly!