Learn Guitar Online


The option of learning guitar online has been around for many years but there are still many people that are reluctant to learn using this method, preferring instead to go it alone or learn in-person with a tutor. Years ago I too thought that learning online wasn't really possible but I was wrong.

The event that changed my mind occurred when I was on tour in the middle east several years ago and I needed to learn a fairly complex guitar solo with extremely limited time to do so. Under normal conditions I would've taken a couple of days to learn it by ear but in this case I had less than 12 hours to try to nail it. I was trying to think of an easier way to get it done and I thought of YouTube. I typed in the name of the song and voila - there was a lesson for it! A kind person had posted it on their channel and it took me about an hour to get it all down. Needless to say after that I was hooked and I realised that learning guitar from an instructor on a screen was an entirely valid option. I had learned guitar stuff from the Hotlicks range of videos that were popular prior to the internet so learning from a screen wasn't totally foreign to me but with YouTube & Skype there's a difference and that difference is the ability to interact and receive feedback. The old school instructional DVDs and videos were a strict one-way affair. 

The new age = Interactivity

YouTube opened doors with comments section. I have no doubt that most of you that are reading this post have come here because you've watched one or more of my tutorial videos on YouTube. You'll notice in the comments section on my videos that there are tons of questions and I answer them all. This is the wonderful opportunity that online guitar learning offers - interaction with the tutor in the video. The downside with YouTube is that some of the creators that post content don't respond to questions for various reasons but you may (if you're lucky) receive feedback or an answer from someone else. Sadly, though it is hit and miss.

Fortunately, Skype lessons can give you that much needed feedback or answer to that question. The downside with Skype guitar lessons online is usually the price. YouTube is 100% free whereas a private lesson with a guitar teacher online could cost anywhere from $5 to $200 for an hour and a private one-one-one lesson in your home or studio could be even more expensive. You'll also need a decent internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone, and somewhere peaceful to do the lesson and that can be an expensive outlay for some although a smart phone or tablet has all of those features and they're usually within the grasp of most people.

I would say if you are really serious about learning guitar definitely consider online guitar lessons as a viable option. It can also be a great option for those that have hit a plateau and need some assistance or advice to overcome that plateau and move forward.

Let your fingers fly!