My Classical Guitar Build Part 1: Choosing the wood for the back & sides

Classical Guitar Wood Selection

Hi there fellow guitarists! I thought I'd take the time out from making classical and acoustic guitar lessons, sheet music & tabs, video lessons and so on to let your have a sneak preview of the guitar that is being custom made for my by Kris Barnett. Kris and I have been planning this build for over 5 years and finally it's becoming a reality.

So, welcome to Part 1 of the build where I show you the 3 choices that Kris gave me for the back and sides of my new 640mm scale length classical guitar.

Below you can see the choices I was given. Eventually I settled on the 25L which was visually the most appealing to me and to several Instagram followers that offered their opinions.

The build is expected to be finished around the middle of October 2017. However it won't be complete until the set of custom Graf tuners from Jorg Graf is ready in January. I'll be posting every week with updates about this build. You can also follow on Instagram for tasty new pics!

If you are interested in a guitar from Kris or a set of tuners from Jorg here are their details:

Jorg Graf

Kris Barnett

Let your fingers fly!