Sagework Guitar Support Review

The Atlas guitar support

Hi fellow guitarists. In this article I'm going to give you my thoughts about the guitar support that is often regarded as the best guitar support currently available to guitarists today. I have listed below the salient features along with the pros and cons of this highly desirable support. Finally, I'll discuss my personal experiences with the support and provide links to two videos - 

  1. Video One - Complete review
  2. Video Two - Installation guide


  • Solid Rosewood + Reinforced Nylon materials
  • Beautifully presented in a high quality box
  • Cork pads protect the finish of the guitar
  • Small & light for ease of use
  • Comfortable & Practical
  • 5 adjustable points


  • Extremely high quality materials (Solid wood + Reinforced nylon)
  • Grips the guitar firmly with little to no chance of slipping
  • Fits inside your guitar case with ease
  • Detailed installation booklet
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly adjustable


  • Installation is more complicated than other guitar supports
  • Adjustable points can be a tad overwhelming
  • More expensive than other supports

My conclusions:

I have to say that after having installed this I will never go back to using a foot stool. I look at this as the nemesis to the foot stool. Here are my reasons:

  • Practical. Just leave it attached to your guitar!
  • Comfortable. The curved thigh mount feels great
  • Adjustable. So many options allow you to seat the guitar in the perfect position
  • Compact. This support packs up into a tiny space allowing you to stow it conveniently in your guitar case
  • Posture. I love having both of my feet flat on the ground. This feels far more natural and stable.

Here's my video review of the Sagework 'Atlas' guitar support:

Watch my installation video for the Atlas/Umbra guitar supports below.

For performers I feel this is the way to go. When you walk out on stage with your foot stool or even if you've set up your foot stool in advance it just looks clumsy. Very rarely will it ever be set in the right place and bending over to place it in front of your chair is never flattering. With this support you can just attach it before you walk out on stage! As soon as you sit down you're ready to go and that for me is a beautiful thing. 

Pricing - don't let the cost of the support put you off. So what if it's a bit more expensive than other guitar supports on the market?! Given the fact that it will probably last as long as the guitar you're playing it's a small investment to make for years of comfort and control. 

If you want a support like this head to the Sagework website and buy one!

Let your fingers fly!