Fantasie - Basic Membership


Fantasie by Silvius Leopold Weiss was originally written for the lute in the Baroque period probably when he served at the royal courts. He was a prolific composer for the lute and was reputed to have written more than 1,000 pieces of which approximately some 850 have survived to the present day.


As is often the case with the treatment of Baroque music special emphasis must be placed upon the rhythmic pulse of the music. Often performers are criticised by so called 'Baroque specialists' that they are 'romanticising' phrases and passages in the music instead of approaching it using the methodology of the period. Therefore, I do suggest that this piece be performed with fairly strict attention to the rhythm. Excessive use of ritenuto, ritards, and rubato should probably be avoided.

Technically the piece does have several chords that are challenging due to the extension required by the left-hand however with diligence and a relaxed approach you should be able to overcome these few chords. Remember to make good use of the following 3 left-hand principles:

  • Pivot fingers
  • Guide fingers
  • Preparation
  • Keep the right-hand steady and work on producing an even tone with strict articulation

Let your fingers fly!