Air on a G String Online Classical Guitar Lesson


Air On A G String or Air On The G String as it also commonly known is definitely one of Johann Sebastian Bach's most loved yet easy pieces to play on guitar. Even though it was composed well over 200 years ago it remains a firm favourite for instrumentalists of all genres - not just classical guitarists! The piece itself actually belongs to the Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major BWV 1068 - a considerably bigger work. 

Performance Points

The original composition was in the key of D major and although it is easy enough to play in D major on the classical guitar this particular arrangement is in the key of C major - a whole step or tone lower than the original. 

The piece itself isn't overly challenging but there are a couple of interesting bars:

  • Bar 2 has a stretch of five frets from the 1st fret to the 5th which is difficult. Another option is to play the F at the 3rd fret on the D string rather than at the 1st fret of the 6th string
  • A cross string trill in the penultimate bar is a nice variation but more technically demanding that a trill on single string

Don't Waste Time Or Stress Out Trying To Work Out The Fingering!

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Let your fingers fly!