Adagio Cantabile 'Pathetique' - Online Classical Guitar Lesson

Adagio Cantabile - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Adagio Cantabile 'Pathetique' composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

18 pages featuring:

  • Sheet music with tabs underneath (complete fingerings for both hands)
  • Sheet music only
  • Tabs only
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Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethoven has a haunting second movement. I thought I would transcribe this after playing Infinity Blade on my iPad. The piece was playing in the background when I reached one of the final stages in the game and I thought to myself "I have to transcribe this later". So I did and here it is.

It was composed by Beethoven when he was only 27 years old in 1798 after which he dedicated it to his bro Prince Karl von Lichnowsky. It is without a doubt one of Beethoven's enduring and admired piano works. The use of 'adagio' for the second movement of a sonata was common practice at the time and this work is no different. 


  • Play with sensitivity and gentleness
  • Listen to great piano renditions for inspiration
  • Judicious use of rallentando, ritenuto and rubato are encouraged
  • Listen carefully for voice changing in the melody i.e. where the melody shifts from treble to bass and vice versa

Let your fingers fly!