'Lagrima' - Tarrega Online Classical Guitar Video Lesson


'Lagrima' or 'Teardrop' is definitely one of the most beautiful yet easy songs to play on the guitar. It was written by Francisco Tarrega and without a doubt it has cemented itself into the repertoire of almost every classical guitarist on the planet. It was probably composed between 1889 and 1909 and since that time it has been heralded by critics for the elegant yet strikingly simple melodies moving from E major to E minor. 

Performance Points

  • Use guide fingers in the left-hand to improve your accuracy for section A
  • Exploit open-strings during position shifts where applicable
  • Light rest-stroke for the melody notes
  • Sul tasto is nice for the A section whereas Ponticello provides a nice timbral contrast for the B section

This piece still takes pride of place in any recital that I give. I just love it and it was one of the earliest pieces that I can remember learning on the guitar. This piece and 'Study in A' by Matteo Carcassi are indelibly etched into my brain from my earliest years on the guitar. 

Online Guitar Lessons

I recommend signing up for my Skype lessons if you are serious about learning this piece and/or developing your classical guitar skills. To learn guitar is a great joy and to be able to express yourself on the instrument is wondrous and fulfilling. I have a huge number of classical guitar resources that will help you grow as a guitarist but nothing can really take the place of a one-on-one online guitar lesson.

Let your fingers fly!