Prelude in D major BWV 1007 - Online Classical Guitar Lessons


Many of Bach's suites for cello have been wonderfully transcribed for guitar. This piece is one of those and it is the first of six pieces that comprise the Cello Suite No. 1 BWV 1007. This classical guitar piece was actually taken from Bach's own transcription of the cello suite for the lute so in essence it is a transcription of a transcription. 

Here are the six movements of Cello Suite No. 1:
1. Prelude
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Galanteries
6. Gigue


One of the most difficult technical aspects of this piece is the endless flow of semiquavers. Playing the piece requires intense concentration and stamina as the tirade of sixteenth notes has no respite. Typically with pieces from that era a strict attention to rhythm is essential and only very sparse use of ritenuto and rallentando is permissible otherwise critics will be jumping all over your performance!

  • Try to memorise the entire piece
  • Focus on maintaining a steady rhythmic pulse
  • Avoid slowing down 
  • Use a metronome