"Malagueña Fácil" - Francisco Tarréga Online Classical Guitar Lessons


I remember learning a small part of this famous piece by the Spanish composer Francisco Tarréga in my early years on guitar. In the homemade guitar book that my teacher provided it was called 'Mexican hat dance'. I had no idea that it belonged to a much longer piece called 'Malagueña Fácil' until many years later. 

Unfortunately many of the classical guitar tabs and YouTube performances that are available online are incomplete or have just a small section of the actual original composition that then end up morphing into variations played at the guitarists' whim.

Performance Points

I believe that this is a great crossover piece in that the classical guitarist can venture a little into flamenco techniques. There is a great opportunity to develop rest stroke with the thumb known as apoyando. Developing this technique adds another level of expression to your playing and can also offer increased volume if needed. 

Can't work out the fingering?

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