Malagueña Facìl - Francisco Tárrega

Malagueña Facìl - Francisco Tárrega

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Malagueña Facìl by Francisco Tárrega is played by almost every guitarist although most people only play the first few bars. When I learned it my teacher called it the 'Mexican Hat Rag'.

Francisco Tárrega was a true hero of the guitar with a prolific compositional output rivalled by few guitarists even today. In addition to being a wonderful composer he was also a brilliant virtuoso responsible for almost single-handedly developing modern classical guitar technique and establishing a solid repertoire.

My arrangement has complete fingering suggestions for both hands and video tutorial(s) to guide you through the piece from beginning to end.

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'Malagueña Fácil' is the piece represented in this tutorial. Although the right-hand fingerings are absent in the score I have taken the liberty of suggesting that the player use a 'flamenco' approach for the thumb. This piece presents the guitarist with a wonderful opportunity to develop or use the apoyando technique with the thumb whereby the thumb comes to rest on the string below. This is a common technique used by flamenco guitarists as a way to cut through the sound of singing and dancing in a live situation. A classical guitarists is well-served by developing and using this technique when required."