"Mallorca" - Isaac Albéniz Online Classical Guitar Lessons


Isaac Albéniz wrote many stunning works for piano but nothing for the guitar! Thankfully many gifted guitarists have transcribed his compositions thus making them available for us classical guitar players to learn and enjoy.

His most famous transcription is undoubtedly 'Asturias' which is a definitive work that is in every serious classical guitarists' repertoire. For my excellent transcription which has complete fingering suggestions for the both hand click here. 

Mallorca Op. 202 is one of his less well-known pieces but it arguably far more beautiful but less showy and virtuosic than Asturias. During his time in London Albéniz composed this piece and wrote it in a similar style to the lament that is sung by the local people on the island of Mallorca. I have another transcription for a Barcarole composed by the Paraguayan virtuoso composer Agustin Barrios Mangore here.

Performance Points

The original composition was written in the key of F sharp minor but for ease of playing the guitar transcription is in the key of D minor (two whole tones lower). The piece also requires the Drop D tuning:

1st string - E

2nd string - B

3rd string - G

4th string - D

5th string - A

6th string - D

The piece is basically in simple ternary form A - B - A and each section is completely contrasting to the other with the A section starting out in D-minor and the B section moving to the parallel major.  

There are quite a few challenges for the left-hand in this piece comprised of wide stretches that must be held but these can all be accomplished with a measured and careful approach.

Let your fingers fly!