Etude No. 7, Op. 60 - Matteo Carcassi Online Classical Guitar Lessons



Etude No. 7, Op. 60 belongs to the famous '25 Etudes, Op. 60' composed by the Italian virtuoso of the 18th and 19th centuries - Matteo Carcassi. Carcassi was a no slouch in the composing department writing numerous pieces for guitar during his time in Germany and finally in Paris where he spent most of his life.

The '25 Etudes' or more fully '25 Melodic & Progressive Studies' represents tremendous value to students of the classical guitar. Each etude allows the ardent follower of guitar to learn and experiment with new techniques and interpretation. Many of the techniques sprinkled throughout the 25 etudes are invaluable and still relevant almost 200 years after they were first composed. 

Unfortunately for Carcassi many of his accomplishments were somewhat overshadowed by his contemporary Fernando Carulli. It seemed however the Carulli was fond of his less famous friend as can be seen by his dedication of the work '6 Andantes, Op. 320' to Carcassi.

Performance Points

Tremolo. This etude provides the perfect opportunity to develop the tremolo technique. I suggest trying variation such as: 

  • P, a, m, i (standard)
  • P, i, m, a (unusual)
  • P, i, m, i (very unusual but used by the classical guitar virtuoso Ana Vidovic)

Thumb & Finger Alternation. Within the etude there are numerous places to develop rapid alternation between the thumb and fingers.

  • P & i
  • P & m
  • P & a

It is also worthwhile experimenting with tonal colours and dynamic variations

  • Ponticello to sul tasto
  • Crescendo/Diminuendo

In Conclusion

This is a 'must have' etude to include in your development as a classical guitarist. I strongly suggest that you purchase the 'Tabs With Fingerings' that I have here on my website rather than the free tabs. Both are great resources but the Tabs With Fingerings remove all of the guesswork and allow you to just focus in on learning the techniques rather than having to decipher which fingers go where.

Let your fingers fly!