Prelude in A-minor - Matteo Carcassi Online Classical Guitar Lessons


During the latter part of the 18th century and on into the 19th century many great guitar virtuosos were present in Europe. Amongst them was Fernando Sor, Ferdinando Carulli, Dionisio Aguado and Matteo Carcassi. Although Carcassi was a brilliant guitarist his career was lived in the shadow of the aforementioned guitarist. Sadly in modern times most of his works are reserved for diligent students and not the stage, nevertheless they are invaluable learning tools and can provide anyone with the basic techniques and methods to make considerable progress upon this magical instrument.

Performance Points

  • Keep your right hand as still as possible
  • Use a relaxed free stroke
  • Try using apoyando with the thumb wherever appropriate
  • Experiment with different tonal and dynamic contrasts

As always I have Free Tabs (without fingering suggestions) & Tabs (With Fingerings) available here on the website. I do urge you to consider purchasing the Tabs With Fingerings as they include the sheet music, tabs, and fingering ideas for both hands. Definitely a time saver if you don't have the time, patience, or confidence to make your own fingerings.

Let your fingers fly!