Etude No. 2 - Fernando Sor Online classical guitar lesson


The wonderful Etude No. 2 taught here is yet another excellent contribution to students of the guitar. Etude No. 2 belongs to the '12 Studies for Classical Guitar' by Fernando Sor - the undisputed champion of guitar during the late 18th and early 19th century. Sor wrote numerous compositions many of which still enjoy regular playing by students and masters alike. There are several other Etudes in my collection of videos that are well worth watching if you are keen on developing your basic classical guitar skills.

Performance Points

Etude No. 2 has quite a few technical challenges to overcome but thankfully they aren't insurmountable!

  • Learning notes in C major
  • Learn the meaning of Andantino and the BPM range that it represents
  • Witness two accidentals F# and D#
  • Understanding what an anacrusis is
  • Using the same right-hand finger two or more times in succession

As with all pieces take it slow and as interesting idea try learning it from the end to the beginning! You may be surprised at how effective this enigmatic method really is.

Don't forget that I have a Free Tabs transcription (without fingering indications & a Tabs (with Fingering) transcription available for download here on my website.

Let your fingers fly!