El Marabino Online Classical Guitar Lesson

El Marabino - Antonio Lauro
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Antonio Lauro is easily one of the most famous of the South American classical guitar composers of the 20th century. His works are often full of cultural flavour and for the most part they are challenging to play often bordering on virtuosic. This particular piece is 'The Maracaibo Native' or perhaps dare I say 'Maracaibo-ite'? Maracaibo is an area in northwest Venezuela whose name belongs not only to the city and municipality but also to a lake. It is said to have come from a local chief named Mara who died resisting the Spanish conquest. Other historians suggest that the name comes from the local indigenous language and that it means 'The place where serpents abound'. 


  • Don't over emphasise non-melodic notes

  • Keep the rhythm strong and steady

  • Use rest strokes to bring out the melody

  • The piece is in ternary ABA form with each section repeated therefore try to vary the tone with each repetition to avoid monotony

Let your fingers fly!