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Serenata Española - Joaquín Malats
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Joaquín Malats was born near Barcelona on March 5, 1872 in Spain. Malats passed away on October 2, 1922 in Barcelona but not before he had established himself as a notable composer and pianist.

Serenata Española is a well-known piece and holds a significant position in Malats’ musical ouvre. I listened to many wonderful performances on YouTube and found myself favouring the Bream brilliance over Tarrega’s original transcription. My transcription therefore represents a confluence of the works of two masters - Francisco Tarrega & Julian Bream.


  • Listen to Julian Bream & Edson Lopez play this on YouTube

  • Judicious use of rubato is encouraged in order to emphasise the ambience associated with a ‘serenade’

  • Pay strict attention to the length of bass notes in order to more clearly define the parts

  • Consider using a slur etude if the mordents are proving to be too technically challenging for the left hand to execute clearly and consistently