Pavana Capricho Online Classical Guitar Lesson

Pavana Capricho - Isaac Albéniz

Pavana Capricho by the famous pianist Isaac Albéniz is a mesmerising piece with a very unorthodox introductory section featuring a sustained trill with the left hand whilst playing artificial harmonics with the right hand. A lovely melody enters in D minor followed by an interesting strummed C section.

16 pages featuring:

  • Sheet music with tabs underneath (complete fingerings for both hands)

  • Sheet music only

  • Tabs only

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Pavana Capricho is a piece I stumbled across recently as I was browsing through various YouTube videos. The introduction with a sustained trill whilst playing artificial harmonics with the right hand captured me in the first few seconds and from that point I knew I had to transcribe it and offer it here to you all.


  • Make sure you can do artificial harmonics well before attempting the opening bars

  • Crescendo the D minor arpeggios

  • Use the thumb to strum the chords in the C section emphasising the melodic line only

  • Use lots of tonal colours to avoid monotony

Let your fingers fly!