Cavatina - The Deer Hunter Online Classical Guitar Lesson


Cavatina (also known as The Deer Hunter) is an evocative piece written by Stanley Myers. Originally it was a short piece written for the piano for a film called 'The Walking Stick'. After hearing it the famous classical guitarist John Williams asked Myers if he could develop the piece further. Myers did so and John Williams incorporated it into his repertoire. In 1978 the piece was used in the Vietnam war film 'The Deer Hunter'. Interestingly, the piece is also known as 'The Deer Hunter' due to the popularity of the film.


The piece has an extremely strong and lyrical melody but it also has a complex chord structure that must be sustained to support the melody. This can prove very challenging at times so it is important to play very close attention to the left-hand fingering ensuring that chord are held as long as possible and changes are quick and efficient.

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