"Für Elise" - Beethoven Online Classical Guitar Video Lessons


Für Elise is one of those pieces that just about everybody has heard. Anyone that has ever had the opportunity to sit at a piano has probably tried to play the first few notes of this catchy tune. Für Elise (For Elise) was written by the powerhouse that was Ludwig Van Beethoven. Amazingly enough Beethoven passed away in 1827 yet the piece wasn't published until 1867!

Performance Points

As you watch and listen to the classical guitar lessons here you will note that the piece itself isn't overly difficult but there are some tricky spots later in when piece changes key to F major. I have fingered this slightly differently to most other transcriptions that exist because it suits my style of playing. My classical guitar sheet music with tabs has my full-fingering suggestions for both hands If you want to play it just like me I strongly suggest purchasing the Beethoven collection that I have for sale here on the website.. 

Another performance tip is to not over-emphasise the underlying arpeggios. The focus should be on bringing out the melody of the piece.

 Don't know which fingers to use?

If you are struggling with the fingering for either hand I do suggest purchasing my classical guitar sheet music with tabs which has my suggested fingerings for the left & right-hands.

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