"Lilium" from the Japanese anime series "Elfen Lied": Online Classical Guitar Lesson

Introduction and Background

Elfen Lied is a popular Japanese manga that was serialised in 2002 and lasted three seasons concluding in 2005. The story is based upon the interaction between humans and an alien race known as the Diclonii. More specifically it revolves around the rejection of a young Diclonii girl named Lucy and her revenge against humans. The score was written by Yukio Kondo and Kayo Konishi - two Japanese composers collectively known as MAKO.

Performance Points

The song itself is extremely beautiful and it was originally scored for mezzo soprano and orchestra. As is often the case transcribing pieces that involve singing can be very challenging for the guitar as singers usually sustain notes whilst chord progressions shift and move in support. The onus is on the guitarist to bring the melody out and above the support structure and to emulate the human voice as closely as possible.


In the video I teach you the first part of the piece. The next video shows the rest of the piece. As usual I have free tabs available. Access to the full series can be granted by purchasing a membership plan

Let your fingers fly!