'Minuet in G' Christian Petzold - Online Classical guitar lesson


Minuet in G by Christian Petzold has become a firm favourite for classical guitarists all around the world. It's gentle flowing melody is immediately recognisable and it has been transcribed for many instruments and is often played by musicians at the advanced beginner level. For many years this piece was attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach but in recent years scholars unearthed information that led to Christian Petzold being named as the original composer. This piece and another minuet were added by Anna Magdalena Bach to her 'Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach' in 1725. Because all of the other pieces in the notebook were composed by her husband Johann or members of the Bach family it was assumed that he had also written this lovely little Minuet in G but thankfully when this piece was discovered in Petzold's harpsichord suite the assumption was found to be incorrect and the authorship was rightfully changed to Petzold.

Performance Points

As the title suggests the piece is in the key of G major. Compositionally the piece uses sequences which is simply put a main phrase or motif that is played in a similar way at a higher or lower points within the scale. The piece itself is probably around grade 3 or 4 Trinity College of London or Associated Board of Royal Schools. 

My classical guitar sheet music & classical guitar tabs are available here. I definitely want to encourage you to use the sheet music with tabs version as it contains my fingering suggestions for both hands. This is extremely important for students of guitar that are confused or don't have much of an idea on how to choose fingerings for a piece.