Study in D Online Classical Guitar Lesson


Fernando Sor left a vast legacy of classical guitar pieces for us to enjoy and savour in modern times. Amongst his many compositions are etudes or studies whose purpose is to help with overcoming some technical challenge upon this most beautiful of instruments. The Study in D or Etude No. 17, Op. 35 has several challenges that can be tackled if one knows what to look for.

His other very well-known and loved guitar etude is the famous 'Study in B minor'. For the aspiring classical guitar student it is also worth learning. I have tutorials for the following pieces by Fernando Sor:

  • Study in B minor (Etude No. 22, Op. 35)
  • Etude No. 2, Op. 35
  • Etude No. 3, Op. 35

Performance Points

  • Drop D tuning (6th string down one tone to D)
  • Anacrusis with accents falling upon beat 4+ & 1; 2+ & 3
  • Sequential planting in the left hand
  • Stretch with the left hand bars 3 & 27
  • Rubato bar 29 - 31
  • Vibrato bar 32