Study in A minor - Dionisio Aguado

Study in A minor - Dionisio Aguado


Study in A-minor is an unassuming piece written by the Spanish classical virtuoso Dionisio Aguado. He was a contemporary of Fernando Sor and even lived with him for a time in Paris. Aguado was known for his speed and technique especially with scale runs. This piece will definitely help to develop your speed.

My arrangement has complete fingering suggestions for both hands and video tutorial(s) to guide you through the piece from beginning to end.

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Within this study I believe there are 3 primary techniques to focus on:

1. Full-planting of P, i, m (Thumb, index, middle)

2. Apoyando with the thumb (rest-stroke)

3. Experimenting with tonal variations: sul tasto, naturale, ponticello

I suggest trying just one technique at a time and then integrating all of them at the same time!