Vals Venzolano No. 2 - Antonio Lauro

Vals Venzolano No. 2 - Antonio Lauro


Antonio Lauro wrote a very beautiful yet technically challenging set of waltzes for the classical guitar. Although they each have individual names they are also numbered for easy reference. The affectionate name for this piece is 'Andreina' or 'Vals Venezolano No. 2'. 

This piece is in the key of E minor and it moves at a rather frenetic pace as is typical of all of Lauro's waltzes. Ligados, harmonics, and frantic bass lines are all here and as such I have painstakingly added revised fingerings for the left & right hands to ease and accelerate the learning process.

My arrangement has complete fingering suggestions for both hands and video tutorial(s) to guide you through the piece from beginning to end.

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