Etude No. 3, Op. 35 - Basic Membership


This etude (study) belongs to Fernando Sor's '12 Studies for Guitar, Op. 35'. Whilst Sor's more famous pieces take the limelight it is important to remember his significant contribution to the development of guitar technique. The Spanish guitarist/composer is probably most well-known for his 'Variations on a Theme of Mozart'. Sor was widely traveled and lived in Paris, London, Moscow and toured Europe extensively before spending his final years in Paris.


This brilliant little etude from Fernando Sor will help the aspiring guitarist develop several important theoretical and technical points:

Points to note for Etude No. 3:

  • Starting a piece with an anacrusis (upbeat)
  • Playing in A-minor
  • Understanding the tempo indication Larghetto and its BPM
  • Recognising the accidentals F# & G#
  • Treating two or more right-hand fingers as a single finger
  • Playing block chords and avoiding 'rolling' the fingers of the right-hand i.e. no arpeggiato

Let your fingers fly!

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