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In 2001 a rather unassuming sleeper hit movie called 'Amelie' was released. The iconic French city of Paris provides the backdrop for this film about a young girl trying to find her place in the world. All of the music was composed by French composer Yann Tiersen. Tiersen wrote the soundtrack for piano but thankfully the transcription wasn't too difficult and is even able to played in the original key without too much difficulty.

Performance Points

The original piano composition was written in the key of E minor therefore it sits well on the guitar. Although the piece itself is fairly repetitive and simple the diligent classical guitar student should note that there are 4 basic picking patterns that should be studied.


  • Use open strings where possible to make shifts smoother and easier

  • Memorise and practice the 4 obvious picking patterns

  • Try different tonal variations to bring the piece to life during repetitive sections

  • Use pivot, preparation and guide finger techniques where possible to improve shifting

If you have difficult deciding which fingers of the left & right-hand to use make sure you download my free classical guitar sheet music with tabs transcription. 

Let your fingers fly!