Estudio in E minor - Basic Membership


Estudio in E minor by Francisco Tárrega is a true gem. It sounds great, isn't too hard, and it's over quite quickly - therefore it fall's into my favourite category of 'Pieces that can make you sound much better than you actually are!'

Jokes aside this is a great piece for those of you in the early stages of guitar playing. I would hazard at a guess that it is around the Grade 3 or 4 level for the ARSM or TCL exams.


    • Try my suggested fingering to make the shift to the B7 chord easier and smoother
    • Experiment with crescendo/diminuendo
    • Use different tones to add colour and interest
    • Prepare the left-hand fingers in advance where possible
    • Study the sections where guide finger(s) can be used effectively to improve transitions
    • Relax when attempting the big 5 fret stretch in section B and keep the thumb in a good position at the back of the neck
    • Try picking the harmonics at the end near the bridge for a clearer and brighter tone

    Let your fingers fly!