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Barcarola by the Paraguayan guitar great Agustín Barrios Mangoré is taken from the Grade 7 Trinity College of London pieces book (1986 - 1989). It has the following tuning:

  • 6 - D
  • 5 - A
  • 4 - D
  • 3 - G
  • 2 - B
  • 1 - E

The piece itself is in the style of the Barcarole sung by the gondoliers of Venice and although this piece is written in 3/4 the standard time signature for a barcarolla is 6/8. Mangoré was well-versed in many compositional styles and it shows through in this carefully measured piece that reflects not only the rhythm of the gondoliers stroke but also the beautiful sonorities that are possible on the guitar.From a technical perspective acciacatura, arrastre, natural & artificial harmonics are all found within the piece and never seem contrived or out of place.


  • Pick natural harmonics with the right-hand near the bridge for increased punch and clarity
  • Play smoothly and keep a steady rhythmic pulse
  • Use acciactura to mimic the movement of the paddle through the water
  • Try to find artificial harmonic points by using the rosette or the end of fretboard as a guide

Let your fingers fly!