Oogway Ascends - Premium Membership


Here is a note-by-note tutorial of my classical guitar arrangement of 'Oogway Ascends' from the 'Kung Fu Panda' movie soundtrack. The piece occurs when Oogway is chatting with Master Xifu at the peach tree. At the end of their conversation Oogway dies and ascends to another plane of existence. 


The piece is in the original key of D-minor and requires you to tune your 6th string down a tone to D. It isn't overly challenging but there are a few difficult stretches here and there and a few artificial harmonics that should be practiced on their own and then integrated back into the piece after you are playing them confidently and up to tempo. 

This is actually a great online guitar lesson if you want to understand how playing in Drop-D effects the overall sound of the guitar and the fingering. As you may have guessed all your fingerings for the 6th string will be displaced by 2 frets!

Remember that the classical guitar sheet music with classical guitar tabs that I wrote for this is available here for free!

All the best and let your fingers fly!