Liebestraum No. 3 - Premium Membership


Liebestraum No. 3 by Franz Liszt the Polish pianist of the 19th century belongs to a larger collection of three piano pieces known as 'Liebestraum' or 'Dreams of Love. The music was actually inspired by a series of 3 poems - two written by Ludwig Ulhand and one written by Ferdinand Freiligath. Of the 3 pieces in the collection this is the most popular and possibly the most difficult on the piano. The version I have made here is an extremely simplified version of the original piano piece and is actually missing some sections of the piece that are arguably more about technical virtuosity. In my mind the most beautiful moments have been captured in this transcription.


  • Study the right-hand arpeggio shapes without worry about the left-hand fingering
  • Build the volume steadily
  • Accent the melodic notes with annular finger rest strokes
  • Don't over emphasise the non-melody notes of the arpeggios

Let your fingers fly!