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The Mazurka Choro by the genial Brazilian composer Heitor Villa Lobos is an enchanting piece that forms part of the Suite Populaire Brésiliene. The suite is made up of 5 pieces written between 1906 & 1923. The Mazurka Choro is the first in the group and it is dedicated to Maria Tereza Teran. Maria was the wife of Villa Lobos' good friend Tomas Teran - a Spanish pianist. 


  • The piece spans 3 keys - A minor, C major, and A major.
  • The form of the piece is - A B A C A D
  • Every A section is in A minor and is repeated exactly each time it occurs
  • The B section moves into a happier and more moved C major key.
  • The C section is in A major and it moves towards a descending melodic motif in contrast to the ascending motif first expressed in the A section(s).
  • The D section is a complete contrast to the previous sections moving into triplets and descending from a high F at the 13th fret to a low F on the 1st fret of the 6th string.

A nice musical practice is to vary the way that the A sections are played each time. Try a bit of rubato, ponticello and sul tasto, stacatto and legato phrasing to keep things interesting for you and the listener!

Let your fingers fly!