Vals Venezolano No. 2 'Andreina' Online Classical Guitar Lesson


Vals Venezolano No. 2 or 'Andreina' as it is also known belongs to a set of waltzes composed by the Venezuelan classical guitarist & composer extraordinaire Antonio Lauro. This particular piece belongs to a collection of his waltzes known rather unimaginatively as 'Quattro Vals Venezolanos' or 'Four Venezuelan Waltzes' probably named by the original publisher. 

As I always do I have added in a new set of fingerings for the left & right hands to facilitate easier & faster learning of this beautiful Venezuelan waltz

Performance Points

  • Relax. This piece is quick and complicated and it's easy to become tense as it progresses
  • Try a diminuendo instead of the more obvious and ubiquitous crescendo as you move up towards the high E on the 12 fret of the 1st string 
  • Use open strings to help with the big position shifts towards from the 1st fret to the 7th fret, and from the 12 fret to the 2nd fret