Prelude in A minor - Matteo Carcassi

Prelude in A minor - Matteo Carcassi


This tiny little Prelude is really more of a technical exercise than a fully-fledged piece. Great for developing speed and accuracy for the P, i, m, i right-hand pattern.

Matteo Carcassi was a virtuoso Italian guitarist and a prolific composer during the early Romantic period. During his lifetime he made considerable contributions to the development of modern classical guitar technical fundamentals. In a somewhat sad twist of fate his achievements were often overshadowed by those of Ferdinando Carulli.

My arrangement has complete fingering suggestions for both hands and video tutorial(s) to guide you through the piece from beginning to end.

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This Prelude represents just one of his many technical studies written for the guitar. I believe that this study focuses on several techniques:

1. Keeping the right-hand steady

2. Practicing full & sequential planting

3. Developing apoyando (rest stroke) with the thumb

Other techniques that can be applied are:

4. Crescendo and diminuendo

5. Changing timbre from sul tasto through naturale and on to ponticello