Canco del Lladre (Robber's Song) Online Classical Guitar Lesson


Miguel Llobet was a brilliant guitar virtuoso, and accomplished arranger and also probably one of the few people in the world that could lay claim to teaching the most famous classical guitarist of all time - Andres Segovia (check my Andres Segovia blog here....). He has made numerous classical guitar arrangements based on traditional Catalan folk sons including this piece, 'El testamen de Amelia' & 'El noi de la Mare'. All of these pieces are popular amongst guitarists and their beautiful yet gentle melodies flow upon the guitar as easily as the wind rustles leaves on a tree.

Performance Points:

This classical guitar piece isn't overly challenging but it is at the Grade 6 level in the ABRSM grade examinations. My classical guitar video lesson(s) for this cover some wonderful aspects of classical guitar performance and are bullet pointed below:

  • Drop D tuning (6th string down one tone to D)
  • Increase the clarity of the natural harmonics by picking closer to the bridge
  • Try to hold the underlying chords as long as possible to support the flowing melody
  • Remember to opt for a different tone when playing repeated section to avoid monotony
  • Use a slight accel. when playing a rising melody and then balance it with a slight riten. when playing a descending melody

In conclusion...

If you are keen to hear someone other then me performing this check out a wonderful recording of John Williams playing John W. Duarte's arrangement of this piece at 17 years of age and it is truly phenomenal. Duarte's arrangement is extremely challenging and the final variation is a true tour de force for the right-hand. There are also some really nice versions played by Flavio Sala and other classical guitarists floating around on YouTube.